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NATO-Style Straps Rock

Various NATO-style straps of nylon and leather.
Various NATO-style straps of nylon and leather.

“It bears repeating that NATO-style straps do wondrous things. Like otherwise dull clothing, watches transform with some accessorization — making them something like the Russian nesting doll of accessories. Plus, NATO-style straps are so cheap and mindless to deal with, it’s a fun transformation to make.”

That said, I’ve gravitated towards certain combinations. You can do no wrong combining caramel-colored brown and black, and I found this particularly beautiful sample on eBay to marry with my Parnis:

Parnis black pilot watch with a light-brown leather strap from eBay.

Leather’s tricky, because there’s a minimum thickness to it (if it’s quality leather). This combination with the Parnis actually requires me to remove the springbars to install; slipping it on the standard way would scrape the leather up somethin’ fierce. But I don’t see myself swapping this strap off very often.

And best of all, thanks to the ever-steadfast combination of khaki and navy, I’ve reincarnated my old Hamilton with the khaki-colored nylon:

Can’t go wrong with Navy and Khaki.

I guess it helps that the Hamilton has both the words “Khaki” and “Navy” in its name.

My new daily beater.
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