Marco Carag

Expert er of things.

About Me

Me, playing a charity gig at  Central Bar.
Me, playing a charity gig at Central Bar.

I’m Marco Carag, a Brooklyn Queens-based web developer.

Currently, I’m a full-stack engineer for Telecast in the Flatiron area of Manhattan, NY. Previously, I was a developer for online menswear company Bonobos, dating startup HowAboutWe, frontend manager for The Knot, and a dev manager for Everyday Health. I also help organize BKLYN Green Drinks.

I have a degree in Communications Design from Pratt Institute that is probably rather underutilized today.

When not coding (which is often) or not hanging out with my beautiful wife (which is rarely), I enjoy listening to or performing Latin music, Vim, single-malt whiskey, over-dressing, trying to use my camera, and playing video games.

In fact, you could say video games are what got me into web development in the first place. Since elementary school, I was so into gaming that I wrote fiction about or inspired by them. Actually, my most recent efforts (we’re talking late 1990s here) garnered enough attention to warrant a couple of my very first websites (which will take some serious web archaeology to dig up if you care). I also helped run an online gaming group for my then favorite game), which — during the era of 56k modems and 5MB web hosts — inspired several more websites.

To finish, here’s another stupid fact about me: I made the “Star Trek Generations Overture” MIDI on this page (the one with 3 stars next to it).