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Thanks, HowAboutWe! Hello, Bonobos!

Bittersweet post here, to announce that I’ve left HowAboutWe to do frontend development for Bonobos’ New York Office.

It’s bitter because the HowAboutWe team is the best I’ve ever worked with. Not surprising, because the standard and culture there was cultivated by my good friend, the brilliant John Pignata (now at Groupme), who as CTO two years ago lured me into the startup world as employee five (or thereabouts). It was a flat and flexible team, with no frontend or backend divisions — just web developers, achieving the singular goal of a successful web product.

Their growth (and my growth) over the past two years has been astounding, and I can’t be grateful enough for that, and being allowed to help shape it, too. If you’re looking to work with one of the best teams in New York, and are up to a challenge that’s far more than just coding, then drop them a resumé.

Now the sweet stuff. When thinking about what’s next after two years of the amazing HowAboutWe, one of the options that came to mind, literally, was Bonobos. As you may have noticed, I’m into menswear. Bonobos, as a producer of quality menswear that started out online, would be perfect, if only they had a New York technology team, I thought. (It’d be a good fit, if you will. You won’t? Okay…)

Cut to today when they’ve cleared a space for me as their first New York-based frontend developer, with machinations of fleshing out a larger tech team here at their headquarters in my favorite city, and it’s as if they read my mind. I’ve joined at somewhat a hectic time, with Cyber Monday looming large in their Chelsea office. But I don’t mind hitting the ground running and I’m excited to apply my HowAboutWe growth at Bonobos (which, by the way, has a frontend in desperate need of help). And as another plus, I get to occasionally get out of town to visit their Palo Alto office.

So, hello, Bonobos! And thanks, HowAboutWe! And I guess, expect some Bonobos product reviews on this blog soon. :)

The best team I’ve ever worked with on a boat in NY Harbor. I’ll miss you guys!
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