Lessons from Dad: The Crab Feast

It’s my father’s birthday, the first since his passing last October. My mind’s been on him a lot lately, so I figured I’d write my next few posts about my and others’ memories of him. Here’s the first of those, from the cobwebbed archives of my brain.

Migrating Away from GitHub Pages and Changing Task Runners (just ‘cause)

I’m changing my workflow again! Partly because the nature of my recent work — quickly spinning together apps and prototypes one after another — has gotten me interested in workflow options more than ever before. But also partly because my last change — to Wintersmith from Jekyll — was already somewhat dissatisfying and behind the times. I’m talking about two things here: hosting on GitHub Pages, and using Grunt as my taskrunner.

When nostalgia hurts

I’ve always loved taking the Northeast Corridor Amtrak between Penn Station in New York and Union Station in DC. The trips served as time capsules, cutting through slow-moving, rarely-touched industrial parks, vine-encrusted warehousing, and humble mid-century exurbs. The sheer contrast with what I’m used to from either the destination or the origin made it easy to mentally escape via the view out the window.

Migrating my Blog’s Content to Wintersmith

I know now that it takes an inordinate amount of effort for me to consistently update this blog. It’s not for want of content, but rather a problem of editing. To jump-start my stalled blogging in a sort of meta way, I’ve decided to migrate my blog from tried-and-true Jekyll to Node.js-based Wintersmith. Because what’s better to blog about than the blog itself? (The answer’s “a lot of things,” and I promise to get to those later, but this’ll be interesting, too.)