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Tools on the floor of our unfinished apartment in Astoria.
Tools on the floor of our unfinished apartment in Astoria.

Been having the itch since the beginning of the year to make some changes to my year-old site design. So I worked on it on-and-off for several days, and launched it last week. In addition to some small clean-up, I’ve changed some fonts and colors. I’d barely want to call it a “redesign” at all, but there are some fun details I want to note.

Colors were the biggest deal for me. I was so done with the white over deep navy, and the radioactive green — it started to grate on me. So I sought a more neutral and calming palette. I still liked the letterpress feel, so I picked a cream color that could be like paper. And all of the type now has a subtle bevel.

The next obvious change are fonts. Picking new type probably took the most time. I didn’t change the logotype, because I still like Audimat in the block cut-sort of effect. But, I didn’t like Audimat for the headers as I was using it before. So I replaced them with the rather popular Kaffeesatz, by Yanone — an eminently readable sans-serif typeface with a whimsical kind of handwritten feeling. I picked it mostly because, outside of being beautifully treated by Yanone, it’s rather condensed, and I love its relatively large x-height. I’ve got a thing for big x-heights.

X-height and whimsy also led me to my choice of body font: a serif face by Oriol Esparraguera called Afta Serif. I was drawn to its visual rhythm; it’s fairly light in weight, and the curves are a bit squarish, which combined with the generous x-height emphasizes the whitespace and increases (in my opinion) readability. I also love the lowercase “k” letterform.

Finally, I tweaked the homepage layout to be single column, as I felt the old two columns were too claustrophobic and it felt nice to simplify.

I still need to do up the darn tags page, which I’d never touched to begin with since moving to Jekyll. Also, after spending an entire blog post preaching about it, I need to do a styleguide for this site.

But, this redesign-ish work has gotten my juices flowing. Maybe I’ll actually start posting more regularly!

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